CPCCDE3014 Remove Non Friable Asbestos

Course Information

  • DELIVERY: Face to Face Training
  • COST: $400
  • DURATION: 2 Days Courses
  • LOCATION: 3/14-16 Marjorie Street, Sefton NSW 2162

100points as per the SafeWork NSW identification checklist.( Evidence of Identification)

Course Description

This Course of competency specifies the outcomes required to remove non-friable asbestos containing material (ACM).

It includes preparing, containing and removing non-friable ACM, and knowledge of decontamination and disposal requirements.

When asbestos containing materials (ACM) are present, or even suspected of being present in the workplace, only qualified personnel are permitted to safely manage or remove it. Any worker removing more than 10m² of non-friable (also known as ‘bonded’) asbestos must be appropriately trained, as outlined in the Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011 and the Code of Practice for the Safe Removal of Asbestos. Non-friable asbestos materials include asbestos cement sheeting, often called fibro, used in many buildings before 1990. The sheeting was used for cladding, roofs and fences and can often be found as backing boards in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

This non-friable asbestos removal course is a legal requirement for workers who need to remove more than 10m² of non-friable asbestos.

Entry Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry.
  • Successfully complete the enrolment process including LLN assessment.
  • Hold 100 points of ID as per the SafeWork NSW identification checklist.


The total duration is 2 days. Training and assessment are conducted.

SafeWork NSW Conditions for Assessment

  • Able to produce 100 points as per the SafeWork NSW identification checklist.
  • These documents must be supplied to the trainer on the first day of training. Failure to supply the required documents will result in exclusion from the course and rebooking fees will apply.
  • Failure to produce 100 points of identification with original documents will result in you being asked to re schedule

    Training Overview

    • Day 1- Presentation, Video on Removal  non-friable asbestos  , Discussion Asbestos Hazard  & Plan Removal  non-friable asbestos  activities
    • Day 2- Practical training  removing Asbestos & Theory Assessment

    Note:  We supply all equipment necessary for you to undertake training. At no time during training will anyone be exposed to asbestos.

    Vocational Outcome

    This course is a legal requirement for workers who need to remove more than 10m² of non-friable asbestos.

    Candidates will gain the following skills:

    • Legislation and recent changes
    • Prepare for asbestos removal
    • Methods of isolation of the work site
    • Set up asbestos work area
    • Remove non-friable asbestos
    • Carry out decontamination process
    • Clean up work area
    • Complete regulatory processes
    • Practical training in wearing PPE, setting up exclusion zone, removing asbestos, wrapping asbestos, decontaminating your PPE, and removing the PPE


    The model work health and safety (WHS) regulations and the Code of Practice: How to safely remove asbestos (2018) requires workers to hold certification for the class of licensed asbestos removal work they will be undertaking. Completion of this unit of competency is certification to undertake non-friable (Class B) removal work.


    To obtain a Class B licence, students must submit the following evidence through Service NSW which is passed onto SafeWork NSW:

    • a general construction induction card (or NSW statement of training number)
    • A copy of the CPCCDE3014 Remove non-friable asbestos Statement of Attainment received at the conclusion of the course for successfully completing students
    • evidence of experience (not more than 5 years old) working on at least 3 non-friable asbestos removal jobs over a 12-month period.


    Students who successfully complete this unit of competency will be awarded a statement of attainment and wallet sized card. Employment pathways upon the completion of this unit of competency include possible job titles such as asbestos removalist.

    Students completing this unit of competency may decide to undertake additional studies such as CPCCDE4008 Supervise asbestos removal

    Fees and Charges

    • Group discounts apply
    • Refund and fee protection policy – Please refer to the student handbook
    • Payment Terms – Payment for individual participants is upfront; group booking payment terms are based on agreement.


    Other Charges; Certificate Reissuance; $50 per item.

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